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Tennis Lighting

Tennis Court and Sport Lighting

Tennis Court and Sport Lighting

Courts for tennis paddle and sports play are still a popular option for backyard fun, either for the serious player or just a place to keep an eye on the kids as they play and excersize in a safe environment. The correct lighting system for your particular court can vary widely as to level of play, frequency of use, and even the neighborhood where the court is located. We take all this into account, and make your dreams come true.

  • We travel all over California to install and service outdoor lighting, and game/tennis courts in particular. We ship equipment all over the United States with instruction and technical support to insure that our equipment is installed properly.
  • We take care of the permitting process, including all necessary information needed by the local permitting authority, drawings, pictures, technical assistance and site information.
  • We recommend professionals for every other aspect of your court: Cement work, surface coatings, nets, fences and accessories, even bird deterrent systems to keep your court clean.

Are you going to use your court as an occasional party zone? We can make the arrangements to scale back the level of lighting to make it more conducive. Even special switching and power needs are not a problem.

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