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Bollards - Low Level Lighting

Bieber Lighting bollards unite precision craftsmanship, contemporary designs, LED technology, and durable high-performance green materials. Ideal for use on their own or as a complement to our pedestrian lighting, our bollards brighten walkways of all kinds.

Bollard lights are ideal for illuminating entrances, boardwalks, parking lots, pathways, and walkways. Used for hospitality, municipal, commercial, and residential applications, bollard lights provide illumination for enhanced security, safe egress, and ambiance. Bollard lights are able to illuminate parking lots without the need for high poles, they can cast soft light over park pathways, and they are perfect for setting the mood by highlighting gardens and plantings.

Built To Last

Because they are outdoor fixtures exposed to the elements, bollard light housings need to be durable. Bieber Lighting's fixtures high-quality bollard light housings are made of extremely durable cast aluminum and extruded aluminum. Color is applied to the bollard lights using a powder-coating process. Powder coating is basically specialized paint that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the paint in a liquid suspension form. It can thus produce a much thicker coating without running. Bieber Lighting bollard lights use powder coating to help them last as long as possible.

Outdoor commercial bollard lights are available with LED, and HID lamp types. Commercial bollard lights come in round or square, can be custom finished in your choice of color. For more information, check out our LED Bollards page.

LED bollard lights use major brand­-name LEDs such as CREE™ and Bridgelux™. Bieber Lighting bollard lights can be built with options including custom height, custom paint, a surge protector, and battery backup for emergencies.

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