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Leighton Plaza, South Bend, Indiana
Universal Studios California

Think outside of the usual boxy light standard and we'll build it for you!

Your architect may design the perfect building, but an off-the-shelf lighting fixture ruin your vision. Perhaps you need to consider some custom lighting for your project!

Custom lighting design and development is not as daunting as it may seem. What you have in mind is as close as our design table and your imagination. Any light source can be used to enhance the project along with the special design of the lighting fixture.


1. What materials can be utilized?

Any material can be used to manufacture either a new product or enhance an existing product.

2. Am I limited by size?

No. Any kind of fixture, large or small, can be developed.

3. Do the custom fixtures conform to UL?

Absolutely! In fact, BLC can get the fixtures certified, if need be, by a recognized testing agency.
Redondo Beach Pier, Los Angeles
Floor lights help guests or staff to navigate safely.

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